Aku Menjadi Mangsa Survey

Nampaknya kali ni… aku malas nak menaip.. just nak share pasal aku menjadi mangsa survey yang dibuat oleh salah seorg member aku… survey dia ni betul2 wat aku berfikir sendirian… dan juga muhasabah diri sendiri… maybe apa yg dia tulis ni ade kebenarannye… wallahualam…


Amalina Hanisah

Date: localDateTimewithTimezone(“6/7/2007 2:36 AM”,”datetimetag”,”MY”);Thursday, 7 June, 2007 2:36 AM
Subject: my buddies.
Message: Directions : Go to YOUR FRIENDSTER’S PROFILE and list the last 10 people who have given you testimonials. If someone has given you a testimonial twice, skip to the next new person; don’t repeat the same name!01. lubey
02. kak ina
03. jebatwest
04. palie
05. fathiyyah
06. acidnbase
07. megat yusrizal
08. put
09. bangbuss
10. nur izatiQ. Have you ever gotten in trouble with 8?
A: in trouble with 8, never. she helped me once! kelisa story! hee =)

Q: How often do you talk to 4?
A: dulu slalu sgt.. nw kite jauh.. hee

Q: Is number 1 pretty?
A: mesti la. my prettyful fren.

Q: Have you ever kissed 3?
A: haha, no way!

Q: Is 3 in a relationship?
A: hm, i guess die tgh sunyi nw.. hee

Q: What would you get 6 for his/her birthday?
A: nothing kot. heehee

Q: Have you ever been to 2’s house?
A: nope..die tak ajak pon! 😉

Q: Do you live close to 10 ?
A: nope la, die kat sepang nun…

Q: Have you ever slept with 6?
A: oh my, it wont happen.

Q: How did you meet 7?
A: in such a romantic place.. it was luv at first sight =)

Q: What’s one fact about 1?
A: petite gal, same primary school in a slightly short period.

Q: Do you know 4’s birthday?
A: hm. patutnye tau.. hehe.

Q: What do you like about 10?
A: she’s a soft spoken gal n she’s my best buddy’s beloved galfren. =)

Q: What’s the next thing you’ll do with 9?
A: mayb ikot my bf p mkn kt pelita ngn die lagi.. hikhik..

Q: Is 4 someone you can trust?
A: hahaa.. dun tell him secrets.. nti die bgtau org lain scare jujur. uwekk;p

Q: Do you think 5 could kill someone?
A: taklah.. die dh sopan santun ayu lemah lembut skrg.. lgpn haram oo!

Q: What is 8 afraid of?
A: put takot ape ey? die ni d fearless type la. hee =)

Q: When is the last time you talked to number 5?
A: talk mcm lpas kenduri kawen die je, sms selalu!!!

Q: Would 10 and 4 make a good couple?
A: haha. wrong match ler. lgpn, both r taken oredi!

Q: Is 5 single?
A: she’s married!!! wuuhuu..

Q: What’s the last thing you did with 2?
A: balas2 testimonials.. =)

Q: Is 4 in a relationship?
A: yerp i guess. wpn die snyap2 je, tp kntoi jgak kt tebrau itu hari.. 😉

Q: Do you think 1 has a crush on you?
A: yes, forsure. haha. ;p

Q: Do you know 9’s favorite music?
A: seingt i kt profile die suke coldplay n the beatles. hm.hm. btul ke? hee.


2 Respons

  1. hye hye abg palie… tak sangke survey saye terpampang indah di blog anda… alaalllaaa.. abg palie.. jgn la terase hati pulak ye.. i was juz being honest… hehhehe… kite kan member kamcing… peace!!!! =)

  2. hehehe.. xde laa terasa… best ape survey yg amal wat ni…

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