A Cancer Men…

Salam… ari ni aku xde idea nak tulis apa… just nak share info skit pasal zodiak aku… info yang aku petik dari blog Fantasy World… kalu nak check pasal zodiak2 lain.. bleh laa jenguk blog tu… aku x dibayar untuk blog ni… saje2 je aku promote blog ni… layankan…

A Cancer Men

The most sensitive and the weakest emotional type in all Zodiacs he is the man. Most Artists are Cancer. Cancer is controlled by the “Moon” and the moon change it’s shape daily, so Cancer man’s emotional and moods change all the time too. You will confuse with him and yet it is his constantly changes that “Charm” you.

He never goes to get what he wants directly, but he will wait? For chance and opportunity to do so. Once he gets what he wants, he will not loose it, except if he gets tired of it by himself. The most sensitive man who can not stand rejection. He cares what other people feel or think of him. He hates loosing face and he tends to over protected himself, so sometimes people might think he is a cold person. Gifted, creative, imaginative, is Cancer.

A mystery and complexity play a major role in a life of a Cancer man. He could be very funny, very quiet, and suddenly very sad. Living with him could be much unexpected, for you will not know what his next mood is. If you like excitement and surprise, you have the right guy and never have a chance to get bored. He thinks of his home as “nest” and it is the safest place for him. If he feels hurt or depress he will stay at home alone quietly.

Once he feels better, he will come out of his retreat and lives normally again. Being a looser is not him. It is so easy to fall in love with this guy because he is gentle and a very polite guy. His wit and creative mind could win your affection. He will come out from his nest to protect you even if he is not opening himself up to other people much. Not many people will win his heart. His security is only when he has money in his pocket.

Once he feels secure then he might think of having a happy family. Even he likes to make and keep money, he is not stingy. Spending money is part of his good image, so he will be happy to spent money to take you out to a very expensive restaurant or buy jewelry for you. Certainly when he has money he is OK. He is possessive to everything’s that he thinks belong to him.

Don’t try to talk to another cute guy in front of him; he will get suspicion because he is not very secure or confident in himself for this kind of competition. Once you know each other too much, he will start to look for new excitement, but not to worry for he will always think of you. If he thinks you are the true love for him, and you try once to disappear. You will be sure he will come and look for you. He is a shy guy, but if he likes you.

You can get up in the morning and see that he is in front of your house everyday till you go out with him, a very persistent guy. He likes a secure, cheerful and lively woman, confident but at the same time always acts proper and appropriate. He likes a secure woman, but able to adjust to his rapid changes. In the beginning, you and he will be so sugary sweet together and he will only think of you.

This so “super romantic” will not last forever, so don’t slip this chance. If you are the one who want his interest, then act and make yourself interesting. Be a supportive person and give him compliment sometimes, but not too much till he thinks you are not sincere. Unlike many other Zodiacs, if he is mad then you better get out of that room. He will calm down by himself. Giving him a slight touch on his shoulders or concerned facial expression are enough. He loves his mother, so try to be his mother favorite, but do not act like his mother.

P/s : Mesti korang malas nak baca kan? hahaha… panjang giler cam karangan bebudak sekolah menengah rendah lak… hanya orang yang memiliki kesabaran tinggi jer yang mampu habiskan pembacaan artikel pasal zodiak ni… peace…


13 Respons

  1. ooo cancer man..i’m cancerian woman 🙂

  2. ye ke… patut laa theme kite sama jer… hehehe…

  3. oooo…cam tu ek nak cari persamaan…saya gemini, theme kita sama gak..

  4. yeke ko camtu? kelaka lak..

  5. cancerman.?? ko ada breast cancer ke palie.? isk3….

  6. wahahahaha theme same itu kebetulan..
    kite kn pecinta alam ngeh3

  7. saya Pisces woman.. theme kita lain la..

    thx bg url info ni.. air mataku menitis bila baca psl Pisces.. kerana semuanya betul


  8. […] lepas usha2 blog org. Aku jumpa something kt blog Palie Pasal zodiac thingy. So aku masuk la ke blog Fantasy World […]

  9. hahaha…cancer bukan mase kecik2 kuat ngompol ke? die tertinggal fakta ni…ko kene tambah Palie…

  10. hahaha…
    ade byk persamaan dgn ko ni…

  11. nasib baik aku baca abeh..
    ada sambungan ke entry ko ni patlie..
    aku nk tau jugak ape yg jadi kat si munah bila pak aji bengkas tinggal die utk janda ketua kampung tu.. pastu.. apesal leman lawan latip tu jatuh pokok pisang?

  12. Hello world!

    Welcome to queer.org.au. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

  13. Hello world!

    Welcome to queer.org.au. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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